The main entrance to Tufts Medical Center is located at 800 Washington Street. This entrance has connections to all other inpatient and outpatient buildings. Emergency services for adult as well as pediatric patients are located at the North Building, 830 Washington Street.

Valet parking

A Patient Valet Parking Service is available between the Medical Center's North and South Buildings, on Washington Street, Monday through Friday from 5:30 am to 6 pm and closed on the weekends. After 6 pm, all cars are moved to the 274 Tremont St. parking garage. Patients should go to the Tremont St. garage parking office after 6 pm to retrieve their keys and pick-up their car. 


Garage parking

Parking is available in the Medical Center's garage at 274 Tremont Street, next to the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre (formerly the Wang Center). All patients with an appointment will be accommodated. 

A better way to find an available parking space

Digital signs in our garage show the number of open spaces and their locations, including spaces for those with disabilities. We’re the first hospital in Boston to use this innovative system.

A green light over each open space gives drivers an additional cue to quickly find an open space. The green light changes to red once the car pulls into the space. Spaces reserved for those with handicapped stickers have a blue light instead of a green light.

Feedback from patients and visitors indicates they are very pleased with how fast they can find a space.

Parking rates

Parking tickets can be validated for reduced parking rates. These rates will be effective as of November 2021.  

Patient and Visitor Validated Ticket Rates 

Time Cost
Up to 2 hours  $12.00
2–5 hours  $14.00 
5– 7 hours  $19.00
7–24 hours  $26.00 
LOST TICKET  $26.00 

Public Parking Rates 

Time Cost
Up to 1 hour $14.00 
1–2 hours  $23.00 
2–3 hours  $29.00 
3–7 hours  $33.00 
7–24 hours  $40.00
LOST TICKET  $40.00