Quality + Safety

At Tufts Medical Center, the patient is at the center of everything that we do. Our core commitment is to provide the highest quality of care to the patient in a safe environment. It is important that we also include the patient’s family and caregivers in the patient’s care, recognizing the importance of their support as the patient journeys through their illness.

The safest care for our patients

We are committed to keeping our patients safe by adhering to strict standards and leading the way in new initiatives that ensure the safety of our patients. In order to meet our commitment we must:

  • Encourage all patients and their families/caregivers to be a part of the patient-centered care we deliver
  • Implement best practices to ensure the highest level of medication safety.
  • Reduce the risk of patient falls. Preventing falls is one of our highest priorities in ensuring a safe visit for all of our patients.
  • Prevent hospital acquired infections. Preventing infections is the goal of Tufts Medical Center’s Infection Prevention Program that is lead by highly experienced physicians and nurses.
  • Ensure surgical safety. Tufts Medical Center has implemented multiple strategies to eliminate surgical complications. 
  • Encourage patients to be informed healthcare consumers by reviewing our quality performance.

Specialized, quality care

In providing the highest quality of care throughout the hospital, a number of our specialty services have been recognized for their excellence in quality. These services include: 

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4 stars for quality and patient safety, and so much more.

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