Christine Cugini Troy

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Christine Cugini-Troy
Administrative Assistant, Emergency Medicine

Nominated by Laurie Corbett

Christine has always been a friendly face in the Emergency Medicine Department’s administrative offices. She can brighten up your day with a simple smile as you walk in the door to the office.

Last week, she went above and beyond in terms of kindness. I was in the Emergency Medicine Department's suite of offices visiting the office of another Child Life Specialist. I was in search of a memory box for the siblings of a very ill pediatric patient to decorate. I was unable to find what I was looking for and half jokingly asked Christine if she had any empty shoe boxes lying around. She asked what the boxes were for and I explained that we needed a box for each of the siblings.

While I went to chat with a colleague, Christine, unbeknownst to me, continued to look for something suitable for the memory boxes. When I returned to the lobby to say goodbye, Christine was emptying out two envelope boxes with lids that were exactly shoebox size. She asked if they would work and I replied that they would be perfect, but that she didn't need to empty them out for me. She replied that she could find something else to put the envelopes in.

Patient siblings are sometimes overlooked in the busy healthcare world, yet they are often just as important as our patients. Christine deserves to be a Tufts MC True Blue recipient because she went out of her way to help a colleague and in doing so also supported the family of one of our pediatric patients. She demonstrated the iCare Tenants of teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect. I can't thank her enough for her small, but very special gesture and for the kindness she shares every day.

Congratulations, Christine. You truly exemplify Tufts MC True Blue.