Cynthia Carmichael and Joanne Gunn

Tufts MC True Blue Recipients: Cynthia Carmichael and Joanne Gunn
Clinical Care Technicians, Tufts Medical Center 7

Nominated by Terry Lucas, Then-Interim Nurse Manager

“Health care delivery is, and should be, all about customer service. The primary customers on Tufts Medical Center 7 are the children and parents. But as health care workers, essential customers are also our peers and team members with whom we work.

“I had been working on Tufts Medical Center 7 only a week when I learned of the two outstanding care techs who work nights, Cynthia Carmichael and Joanne Gunn. I made time to talk with all of the staff. Without fail, the RNs in the group talked lovingly and appreciatively of these two ladies who the nurses see as the “anchors” on the night shift. One nurse stated, "On busy nights, it is Cynthia or Joanne who get us through; I trust implicitly what they tell me is happening with a child. They are truly our eyes, ears and touch in providing care."

“The team also talks of Cynthia and Joanne's commitment to the patient families and their co-workers. These actions are exemplary of iCare and the 12 Tenets of professionalism, teamwork, and respect for all. They are all about providing excellent customer service to whoever that customer may be.”

Congratulations, Cynthia and Joanne. You truly exemplify Tufts MC True Blue.