Ed Pitts

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Ed Pitts
Manager of Capital Construction, Facilities

Nomination from Terry Hudson-Jinks, RN, VP for Patient Care Services:

“Ed has led many construction projects over the years. He is known to all leaders here at Tufts MC as a person who can ‘make it happen'. Ed is humble in his approach, kind and understanding with all, and - most importantly - deeply passionate and proud about the patient care provided here and his role in improving that care.

“[One of] the most recent of many examples of Ed’s True Blue qualities is a project in the Proger building. The Neuroscience Center (NSC) was being built within one of the oldest buildings at Tufts MC. Ed listened to the needs of the patients that are scheduled to be admitted and planned accordingly. He worked in collaboration with the dental school and staff on site and, as always, was organized and accommodating.

“Ed is a deep thinker who is always looking to maximize opportunity in every project. Most importantly, despite cost restrictions, Ed is dedicated to building the best project. In the case of the NSC, he knew the clinicians were concerned about the lack of natural lighting in the old building. In his quest to solve the issue, he looked into all possible options to improve the lighting. Given that he never quits, Ed surprisingly found a way to bring in additional lighting into each patient room on the Washington Street side of the unit. The impact is tremendous; the rooms appear brighter and larger.

“Ed embodies professionalism, collaborative spirit, and pride in his work. He is a humble and passionate leader whose influence elevates standards and brings out the best in those around him. This is no secret; anyone who has worked with him feels the same. His patience is never ending and his dedication and discipline to reach goals; relentless.

“Ed inspires me to be a better leader. Year after year, project after project, Ed continues to be an effective leader who makes a difference for Tufts MC and the patients we serve.”