Marlena Silva

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Marlena Silva
Medical Assistant, Pain Management Clinic

Nominated by Jane LeSanto, RN, Pain Management Clinic:

“Marlena came to our clinic a few years ago and has been such a valuable addition. Shortly after she started in the Pain Clinic we had a sudden change in our administrative staff. Marlena stepped up to the challenge; she worked very hard to complete not only her primary duties as a medical assistant, but also the necessary clerical work in the office.

“Marlena helps so many of our patients, many of which have mobility issues due to their pain. One patient we see in our clinic is also visually impaired. When the patient comes in for an appointment, Marlena always waits for the call and goes to the hospital entrance to assist the patient up to the clinic. This one extra measure makes someone’s life just a little easier.

“Marlena’s kind and compassionate personality, combined with her reliability and dedication, leads to a very positive experience for patients and employees.”