Maurice Holman

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Maurice Holman
Public Safety Officer, Public Safety Department

Nominated by Catie Carson, Public Safety Investigations and Training Supervisor:

“It is difficult to choose just one instance in which Maurice has displayed his care and dedication to customer service because it is second nature to him.

“There was, however, one instance in particular in which Maurice displayed extraordinary professionalism and respect. He responded with me to the garage for a call of an assault. The person in distress was a mentally disabled patient who was trying to break free from her caregiver. Maurice assisted me with diffusing the situation as required, but went above and beyond by offering to park the shaken caregiver's car for her. He also spoke with the patient and developed a rapport enabling her to positively respond to him. He then helped Emergency Medical Services transport the patient down to the Emergency Department because she had been hurt. He quickly went to get a wheelchair while they obtained her information, and also brought back a flower to give to the patient whose mood immediately changed.

“After transporting to the ED, Maurice went back to the garage to look for the patient’s glove that had fallen off. When the incident cleared, he was seen at the entrance of the Atrium saying hello to those walking by, and asking others if they needed any help.

“If I had to choose one person in this medical center I would nominate for excellent customer service, it would be Maurice. Continually, patients, visitors and even employees have relayed a story of excellent customer service in recognition of Maurice. Maurice is able to relate to many people, especially children. He will often stop and say hi, using one of many character impersonations, making pediatric patients and visitors smile.

“Whether he is personally assisting someone to a particular location or offering his jacket to a patient while he walks him to his car, Maurice is most deserving of this recognition. And although he never seeks credit, I feel his actions and approach to patients should serve as an inspiration to all.”

Congratulations, Maurice. We are very proud of you! You truly exemplify Tufts MC True Blue.