Natalia Henner and Pam Hallahan

Tufts MC True Blue Recipients: Natalia Henner, MD and Pam Hallahan, RN
Fellow in Neonatology and Senior Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nomination submitted by Jonathan Davis, MD, Chief of Newborn Medicine:

“Back in December 2010, the Boston area was in the midst of a massive snowstorm. We had an emergency call from Falmouth Hospital on Cape Cod asking for our help. They had a nine-day-old infant whose temperature was low and who was having difficulty breathing. Falmouth Hospital could not care for the infant there. Natalia was the Fellow on transport call (our NICU brings in over 250 infants each year from a 200-mile radius of Boston). She and Nurse Pam Hallahan rode in the ambulance for a grueling two-hour trip to the Cape.

“Once they stabilized the infant, they attempted to return to Boston. The weather was so bad that they called in a State Police escort and a snow plow to bring them back to Boston. This story was picked up by Channel 4 news. The baby recovered successfully and went home several days later. The patient’s mother came to Boston as well and stayed in one of our parent rooms until the baby could be discharged (we didn't want her driving back and forth to Falmouth).

“This was an extraordinary situation with an infant's life in danger. Natalia and Pam, along with a great ambulance crew, made a difficult trip under extreme circumstances but the outcome was lifesaving. Everyone involved deserves recognition for their commitment and dedication to patient care and well-being.”