Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic Nurses

Tufts MC True Blue Recipients: Cathy MacPherson, Elizabeth Mobassaleh, Annmarie Conroy, Christine McEleney, and Jennifer Dagesse, Cheryl Marland-Thomas, and Kathy Zerrip
The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic Nurses

Nomination submitted by Cathy Rosenfield, MD, Clinic Director:

“The pediatric hematology/oncology nurses are a group of women who epitomize the heart and soul of the Tufts Medical Center. Their daily job is a never-ending example of extraordinary. To single out one act of kindness would imply that it is a rare occurrence when, in fact, it is just what they do day in and day out.

“Collectively, these nurses provided care to a four-year-old boy with cancer. The family was hard-pressed financially and had other children at home. The patient had not responded to therapy as well as hoped for, so the parents reasonably requested a second opinion. While continuing to help with his ongoing medical care at Tufts Medical Center and making sure that the parents were getting the attention they needed for insurance issues and other concerns, the nurses also arranged for all the records to be sent to the consulting hospital. They emailed back and forth with the coordinating nurse there for all the additional testing while simultaneously maintaining a supportive environment for the child and family. This family went to the consulting hospital, came back, and said, "We would never leave here. The nurses and staff here know us, care about us, and are truly invested in our well being."

“This one example of superlative customer service is one of many in a longstanding record of personalized care and ongoing concern for the children and their families. These nurses go above and beyond the already high expectations at Tufts Medical Center. They follow up with phone calls to make sure that the individual is okay. They do physical exams, access ports, draw blood, and administer IV fluids, medications, chemotherapy, and blood products.

“Most importantly, they listen. They hear the parent who is distraught about their child's illness and dealing with their jobs, school and insurance and they find the resources to help them. They listen to the child who is frightened, worried, anxious, sick and they console, they hold, they nurture. I have worked with most of these women for over 20 years. They never tire, complain or quit. They have worked hard to improve their services and to support one another. I have often said that they are why I continue to work here; parents always say that these nurses are why they stay here at Tufts MC and continue to feel comfortable.”