Russel Roberts

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Russel Roberts, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist, Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Nomination from the entire nursing staff in the MICU:

“We feel fortunate to have Russ as part of our team as he is a perfect example of Tufts Medical Center’s Guiding Principles. His presence in the MICU has made an enormous impact in patient care and the implementation of new Pharmacy technology as well as in the education of new protocols and medications to the nursing and medical staff.

“Russ is the ultimate team player. His work encompasses the physicians, nurses, dietitians and, most importantly, the patients. His participation in the daily multidisciplinary rounds is always thoughtful, intelligent and focused on patient outcomes and efficiency. He is highly regarded by all disciplines as a wealth of knowledge in the realm of all things pharmaceutical but also in the areas of sepsis and delirium.

“Russ is very current with the latest research and implements this evidence into his everyday practice in very innovative ways. For example, in order to implement an important protocol, [called] Daily Awakening, one that decreases a patient’s risk of acquiring pneumonia from being on a ventilator and is tied to decreased mortality and decreased length of hospital stay, Russ had to get creative to assist with the education and compliance of all the nursing and medical staff. He came up with the novel idea of putting it in the MAK system so that the nurses could sign off like all the other medications. This system led to an increase in compliance and, in turn, increased the quality of patient care.

“The introduction of the new electronic medication administration system could have been stressful in such a busy environment like the MICU. Russ’s participation eased that stress considerably. He is able to enter all the medications in a timely fashion (almost immediately) which leads to no delays in patient care and leaves the nurses able to fully focus on learning the new system without any of the frustrations that could have interfered with the process of transition. If a problem does arise, Russ is able to give his undivided attention and focus on the issue until it is resolved. He often goes beyond what would be expected to ensure quality patient care.

“He is calm, enthusiastic about what he does, knowledgeable and personable. He pays close attention to detail and is able to communicate a vast amount of knowledge through a compact statement. Russ has become an invaluable resource in the MICU. He is praised by all who come in contact with him.”

Nomination from Frank Massaro, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice Manager:

“Russ helps take care of the most complicated patients, which are the ones in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Many of these patients are difficult to sedate and administer pain control due to their multiple failing systems. It makes medical administration very difficult.

“Russ is always current on the latest medicine and ways to administer it. He is an expert at taking primary literature about a population of people with a certain condition and applying it to a specific patient and their unique needs. Russ knows that no two people are exactly the same and his knowledge and application is an inspiration to both doctors and nurses. He’s able to think on his feet and help patients even with the most complex conditions.”