Emeline Berry

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Emeline Berry (posthumously)
Staff Nurse on North 7

Nomination from Irene Lannon, North 7 Clinical Nursing Director:

“Emeline Berry, RN died unexpectedly on May 9, 2012. Emeline began her career at Tufts Medical Center on November 14, 1993. She was a beloved member of our nursing staff, a dedicated mother and a truly wonderful person. At her funeral, her family read from the condolences posted on the funeral home website. I think these messages from fellow nurses, physicians and patients truly capture the essence of Emeline's spirit:”

‘What is an ordinary life? A nurse and mother can be said of so many of us. But Emeline eased so much pain for others. It was not just the expertise in her head but the gentleness in her hands. So many patients never knew how lucky they were to have her by their side. Getting through a tough shift and going home to be “mom.” A fierce love for her children, hers was no ordinary life. Full of grace, compassion, humor. I hear her bark of laughter, see her smile and know I am better for knowing Emeline. She will never be forgotten.’ - Clare Dalton

‘Emeline's smile lit up the night shift at Tufts Medical Center. She was an amazingly compassionate nurse. Her kindness to others left fingerprints on the hearts of many, many people.’ - Cathy Cusack

‘While I was a patient at Tufts Medical Center, my very favorite nurse was Emeline because she was caring, efficient and always full of hope. She will be sorely missed.’ - Joan K.

‘Emeline was a valued member of the Tufts Medical Center kidney disease treatment team. She cared for our patients in some of their most vulnerable moments, and we will always be grateful.’ - The Physicians of the Tufts Medical Center Division of Nephrology

“All of these messages validate Emeline's importance as a Tufts Medical Center employee and the great person she was, for she touched so many lives. Emeline was the epitome of True Blue!”