Evette Norville

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Evette Norville
Unit Coordinator, North 6

Nomination from Diane Peterson, RN, MS, Clinical Nursing Director, Cardiology/North 6:

“Evette is a vital member of the N6 staff, Tufts Medical Center as a whole and is True Blue without question. She is expertly skilled at prioritizing the many duties of the Unit Coordinator, which is extremely challenging on this fast-paced, 30-bed cardiology unit. Evette truly excels at multitasking and does it in a pleasant manner, never showing any frustration. She constantly receives compliments from the nurses, medical staff, patients and families for her hard work. She gives 110% every day with a smile! This is an indication of how vital Evette is to the multi-disciplinary team. Evette, even when it is most busy, shows great customer service that well represents Tufts MC. She understands the importance of patient satisfaction and always has the patients’ and families’ best interests in mind. Her dedication to the patient experience never wavers. The day flows so smoothly when Evette is on the floor. She has so much experience; she knows what to do before you even ask her. Evette also takes that extra step to ensure the patients are well cared for and the last admission makes it in quickly, to assist the RN with filling out the Ticket to Travel or even to troubleshoot to see if there is a way to save a nurse another phone call. She is well respected by all for her hard work and dedication.

“Evette also has taken on her role in keeping patients safe with pride. Evette prints out a census sheet twice a day to review the Morse Falls Score to see if patients have been entered to travel by stretcher and if patients are identified on the whiteboard as High Fall Risk for consistency. Evette’s work ethic is a model. She is professional in every interaction in person and over the phone. She has great customer service with patients, families and all members of the team. Evette strives for excellent relationships with all health care workers in the hospital. Many members of the care team as well as patients and family members frequently rave about her helpful manner. Evette goes above and beyond the listed job responsibilities…. We all greatly appreciate all of Evette’s hard work and dedication…. Her positive attitude sets a great tone for the floor. Evette is extremely helpful to new physicians and she forms a great rapport with them. She is there to offer assistance and guidance to them and to help them when they are busy…. She has the utmost respect from the attending cardiology physicians.

“Evette treats all members of the staff with professionalism and respect. She has a great relationship with the staff in all different areas of the hospital, which speaks to her work ethic. Patients and families also often compliment Evette on her positive attitude. Mr. S. sent a nice letter stating how helpful and caring Evette was during his mother’s stay on North 6. He stated that it made a difficult time so much easier to be greeted with a smiling, caring and helpful person.”