Joe Diaz

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Joe Diaz
Utility Supply Center Tech, Facilities

Nomination from: Rob Osgood, Emergency Management Officer:

“A technician on the evening shift for USC, Joe serves our Medical Center with a dedication and honor that we should all aspire to. I have had the privilege of many conversations with Joe in which he will always say “we do it for the patients” or “the patient is always first.” A Brooklyn native, Joe is someone who understands the value in an honest day’s work and places the family at the core of what he does. He is always quick to tell you about his family and how proud he is of his children. He takes these family values to work with him as well. To Joe, Tufts Medical Center is his second family and he is proud to tell you that.

“Last year there was an urgent case in the Emergency Department (ED), in which a specific tool was needed to prepare a piece of machinery. Joe was paged for the tool, however one could not be found within the Medical Center. Joe quickly went to his truck to fetch the tool from his personal toolbox and bring it to the ED. The tool ended up breaking in the procedure, but all Joe cared about was ensuring that everyone was ready for the incoming patient and not his personal property.

“Just this past weekend, there was an urgent issue pertaining to the cooling systems of our radiological machinery. Joe quickly made emergency notifications and identified the issue. He stayed until the problem was resolved and even worked through lunch because “it needed to be done.” Joe provides the perfect blend of technical knowledge with “can-do” attitude and allegiance to patient care. To me, Joe is the very definition of True Blue and is just as proud to be a member of the Tufts family as we are to have him.”