Liz Barnhart

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Liz Barnhart
Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine-GMA

Nomination from Pam Nettles, Business Operations Manager, Internal Medicine and Adult Primary Care, on behalf of GMA staff and providers:

“Liz Barnhart has worked for Tufts Medical Center for more than 35 years….Many changes have taken place [here] in 35 years. However one constant has been Liz’s dedication to patients, the hospital’s mission, and her commitment to her coworkers and General Medical Associates. Liz truly embodies the criteria of True Blue in every way. If you are looking for someone who provides service outside the expected and norm every single day, Liz is your woman. She is here bright and early (with a smile on her face) and consistently works late into the evening. When you overhear her on the phone, it’s hard to distinguish if she is speaking with a family member, long-time friend, coworker or patient. She treats everyone the same—with respect and compassion.

“If you are looking for someone who goes the extra mile for a patient or coworker in a time of need, once again, Liz is your woman. She is the first to arrive on the scene to offer a shoulder to cry on during times of loss, distress and uncertainty. Our patients frequently ask to speak with Liz for advice after receiving bad news. She offers a calm, reassuring and familiar voice. She is also the first to celebrate life’s joys….Not only is Liz a kind person in every way shape and form, but she has spearheaded several initiatives and grants to improve quality, efficiency and overall patient care. Recent projects include: developing a robust Coumadin management program, assisting with Tufts Medical Center’s tobacco-free campaign, arranging diabetes teaching and management classes, developing systems to provide extra care management for high-risk patients, etc.

“Some of her colleagues say: ‘Words to characterize Liz: strength, grace, compassion, leadership, mentor & friend to all!’ ‘I would consider Liz to be the mayor of Tufts Medical Center, walk in the hall with her and see how many people know her. For me, she has been a person that I can go to when I feel good, bad or frustrated and she listens. It has been a time filled with a lot of changes and Liz has helped us guide through these uncertain times.’ ‘Liz Barnhart is, and always has been, the heart and soul of General Medical Associates! Under her direction this practice continues to deliver the highest quality and compassionate care to all patients.’ ‘Whether it’s improving our prescribing rates or implementing electronic care management templates, she always is looking for ways to care for our patients in a safer, more efficient manner.’”