Mabel Melo

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Mabel Melo
PSC Infectious Disease

Nomination from Paula Williams, Ambulatory Clinic Supervisor, Infectious Disease Clinic:

“Mabel goes out of her way to take care of patient needs in the Infectious Disease Clinic. Her customer service skills are second to none. I get compliments on a regular basis from our patients on what an asset she is to the clinic and how they can depend on her to follow through.

“We are treating a transplant candidate from out-of-state, who was referred to our clinic for a potential infectious process. This is a lovely Spanish-speaking patient with a complicated history. She has had a very hard time understanding what medications should be taken and when. Many times, the patient would come for her appointments with a family member but this person did not really understand the intricacies of the treatment plan. Mabel always took the time out of her day to help review with the patient all that had been explained by the interpreter.

“Because she is an out-of-state patient, the MD allowed the patient to have safety labs done closer to home as it is easier for her. Mabel spent hours arranging this and explaining to the patient the importance of the labs and what needed to happen. Mabel would follow-up with regular phone calls to make sure the patient was getting her labs drawn. One day, our clinic RN received communication from the pharmacy about refills for the patient and one of the main drugs she was supposed to be taking had not been filled. Both Mabel and the nurse worked together to get the pharmacy straightened out. Mabel spent hours on the phone with the patient, making sure she understood exactly what she needed to do. Mabel checked in with her on a regular basis to make sure everything was going well and see if she had any questions. The patient is doing well on the correct meds and still has regular communication with Mabel.”