Pat McLaughin Sullivan

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Pat McLaughin Sullivan
Director, Clinical Informatics

Nomination from Therese Hudson-Jinks, RN, MSN, VP, Patient Care Services and Bill Shickolovich, Chief Information Officer:

“We are nominating Pat McLaughlin-Sullivan for True Blue because of her extraordinary work over the past eight years in implementing enterprise-wide clinical information systems in support of the Medical Center’s strategic goals. Pat has served as the main liaison between the clinicians and the Information Services team for many projects. She has been passionate about patient care at Tufts MC for over 30 years. What makes her True Blue is her relentless dedication to [our] mission. She has never wavered or tired of her commitment to the patient. She solicits feedback from all constituents and works hard to incorporate everyone’s needs into the systems that are provided.

“When challenges arise, Pat’s style is to place herself front and center, in the shoes of the intern, unit coordinator, RN and in this case, the attending MD. As one example, implementing Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) in each clinical care area had its unique challenges; hardly a cookie cutter process. The ICUs had several challenges, unlike the medical/surgical care areas. While within the SICU, Pat spent many hours on daily patient rounds, seeing the needs of the patients and clinical staff. She noted what worked and when something did not; she was relentless in her questioning of all to better understand opportunity. She would then make necessary recommendations to ‘adjust the build’ within CPOE, meeting the needs in real time.

“What places Pat in the league of extraordinary is her relentless quest to bridge all gaps between IT and the clinical world. She has created innovative forums and work groups to help blur the lines between these two departments and sciences, resulting in a quality product and breakthrough decision making. This is a journey as she works with many departments toward reliability in clinical IT for the greater good of improving health care delivery for all patients.

“Pat is consistently open and kind to all members of the Tufts MC community. She is generous with her time, seeking out opportunities to give back to each member of the team, recognizing and calling out, how they make a difference to patients and our mission. What is unique about Pat is how very excited she gets at the achievements and progress of others. She can often be heard cheering for frontline staff and applauding progress on the unit.

“One manager noted the following example of Pat’s dedication. As part of Pat’s role and due to her wealth of knowledge of the IS systems, she often holds the CPOE pager which is used 24/7. Pat would never even think to complain about getting paged at all hours, as she is so dedicated to the caregivers and patients getting the right care when they need it. This co-worker said Pat has stated that she actually wants to hold the pager because she gets worried that if something happens overnight, she wants all staff to feel they can always reach her.

“We consider ourselves so lucky to work with Pat….”