Sara Glaneuski

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Sara Glaneuski
Unit Coordinator, MIU

Nomination from Ann Brown, RN, MIU Staff Nurse:

“Sara is kind and is always anxious to help out in any way she can. She interacts positively with patients, visitors and staff. We on the MIU feel that Sara is TRUE BLUE!

“Recently a patient on MIU was transferred to Labor and Delivery for an emergency C-section of a premature baby. The patient was alone and afraid. Sara volunteered to stay with her during the delivery and was very comforting to the patient. Sara stayed after her shift in order to offer comfort and support to the patient.”

Nomination from: Michele O'Hara, MSN, RN, Associate Nurse Manager Labor and Delivery, MIU

“Sara works as a Unit Coordinator on the Mother Infant Unit. Sara greets visitors and patients to the MIU with her smile and welcoming manner. Her customer service skills are exemplary and her kindness is genuine.

“On a recent Friday evening, a pregnant patient from the Mother Infant Unit was transferred to Labor and Delivery for an emergency C-section birth. The patient was unable to reach her family, and she was very anxious and afraid to be alone when giving birth. Sara knew the patient, as the patient had been admitted to the MIU for pregnancy complications several weeks before. Sara volunteered to be with the patient in the operating room. Sara, who also was eight months pregnant, had to wear a jumpsuit, hat and mask to go into the OR and stayed with the patient well after her shift had ended. In the operating room, Sarah held the patient's hand and kept talking to distract her. Sara was a tremendous help to the nursing staff in the operating room. Sara is a pleasure to work with, she deserves the Tufts MC True Blue honors for her kindness and customer service.”