Admitting and Pre-Certification Departments Staff

Nomination from Appeals/Observation Case Manager Barbara Sullivan, RN:

“Mary Jo Brown was the face of the Tufts Admitting/Pre Cert Departments for so many years. She strived for excellence in all areas of her work and personal life and without a doubt achieved above and beyond her own expectations. She hired individuals whom she respected into her department. In return, they all worked hard together to maintain a steady, organized and positive work environment every day.

“They, along with Mary Jo, became the face of Tufts Medical Center. When Mary Jo left us over one year ago, no one knew how the departments would manage. Daily, I watched each and every one of them go through all the stages of grief: sadness, depression, anger, confusion and on and on, and they wondered how they could manage without Mary Jo’s guidance. Little did they realize that Mary Jo never really left them.

“Her spirit and guidance continues today to lead them along the path that she sought for her department. They have continued their positive relationships, helping each other with kindness through tough times and problems, and they also find time to share happy events. For example: every birthday is celebrated with cupcakes with matching plates and napkins, a Mary Jo trademark for all special occasions.

“As I look back at the time that she has been gone, I cannot help but think how proud Mary Jo would be of the department (and people) she so loved and what this department has continued to become. I cannot mention everyone by name as there are too many, but they all know who they are. They greet each day as another challenge, continuing to support each other and the entire Medical Center who rely upon their knowledge, assistance and customer service skills on behalf of our patients.”