Beatrice Young

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Beatrice Young, Head of MRI Technologists, Radiology

Nominations from Alice Rose, RN and Carole McCarthy, RN, Pediatric Sedation Unit:

Bea Young deserves the True Blue honor because she is truly all about our patients. She always has a sense of humor and is extremely patient when dealing with a crisis. One time, we had to call her in to get an emergency head MRI on a pediatric patient and, of course, there was little chance of getting the procedure done that day. Bea was able to adjust the schedule and accommodate the patient–a child who, it turns out, did have a brain tumor and required surgery that week.

“When we have to call Bea about ‘fitting in’ an urgent MRI, she ALWAYS responds with such professionalism and true caring about each individual patient and what will work best for them, not just what works for MRI. She responds to each request as if the patient is her own family member needing the scan. She works extremely well with all her techs and is well-respected by every one of them. She is a true ‘team player’ with both pediatric and adult patients alike.”