Cancer Center and HIPEC Team

Nomination from Department of Surgery Business Operations Manager Ellen Nason:

“On Saturday, the second of two outstanding Cancer Patient Support events was held at the Museum of Science. Dr. Martin Goodman and his team held a superb Cancer Survivorship event for more than 120 patients and family members in celebration of the success they have had after treatment in the Periteoneal Malignancy Program he has established, one of very few in the country.

“The event was remarkable. Held in a beautiful room on the sixth floor of the Museum overlooking the Charles River, patients and family members looked the picture of health. The event included very young to elderly patients, with one patient in her eighties promising to be back in five years for the next reunion. Simply, it was a first rate event, very classy, inspiring to see and a superb demonstration of the results of the complex care that has been a signature cancer program of Tufts Medical Center and unique in Boston. In fact, only in the past 12 months has MGH moved to establish a program, and it is in its infancy. A recent National Publication has supported its cautious use in experienced hands.

“Dr. Goodman was a modest, classy and gracious host. Following the luncheon, families were welcome to spend the afternoon in the Museum. It was a terrific reflection of dedication we see from the Tufts Peritoneal Malignancy Program, the Cancer Center and the Medical Center itself. The ratio of patients and family to Tufts Medical Center employees was about 120 to four. This was an event for the patients and they filled the room to celebrate. I thought this program and its participants deserved special notice. They put on a first rate event.”