Cheryl Marland Thomas

Nomination from Maria Lombardi, Clinical Nursing Director, Tufts Medical Center 7

“In the last 6 months, Cheryl has had the opportunity to increase her hours and has spearheaded the advancement of the IV team. Recognizing that there were areas of opportunity to standardize practice in the placement of venous access devices, Cheryl was eager to take this on. She networked with other professionals in the area of pediatric access, researched the evidence guiding her practice, and collaborated with the IS department to develop an electronic documentation system specific for intravenous/peripherally inserted central catheter (IV/PICC) placement. Cheryl's motivation and passion has allowed a smooth transition in the hiring and training of two additional members of the team. She assisted in bringing a certification program to the institution to receive formal training in pediatric and neonatal PICC placement.

“Cheryl has developed a formal process for reporting Quality Improvement data monthly. She provides education to the nursing staff around both IV and PICC sites and dressings. She provides education to the medical staff on the indications for PICC line placement. She is a strong advocate for a pain-free experience by involving the Sedation Team and Child Life as needed to support the child and family. She goes above and beyond to coordinate her PICC placements around other tests and procedures the child may need to minimize the amount of sedation required. Cheryl always places the needs of the patient and family above all else. Cheryl's positive communication with all team members has facilitated teamwork. Cheryl has become a true leader for this team and is greatly respected by all her peers.

“Cheryl takes pride in her vascular access service. She makes sure that patients and families are well informed by thoroughly explaining the procedure. Her gentle touch and kindness is evident to the families to put them at ease to trust Cheryl with their child. Recently, a family was upset over a prior PICC accidently being pulled out. Cheryl spent time with this family to provide service recovery. Her gentleness that soothed the baby to sleep while she was assessing potential sites was all that this family needed to see to entrust her to place another PICC line. Cheryl takes pride in the PICC service and leads her fellow colleagues by setting the example and providing them with feedback as needed to assure everyone's success.”