Cindy Phan

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Cindy Phan, Registered Nurse, Tufts Medical Center 7

Nomination from Maria Lombardi, Clinical Nursing Director, Pediatric Nursing, Tufts Medical Center 7:

“Cindy is a role model for professionalism in nursing, stewardship in promoting patient safety and compassion for the children and families she cares for. She consistently goes above and beyond to assure that patients and families have everything they need. She stops at nothing to get her answers and to be informed to keep her patients safe.

“Cindy frequently addresses concerns that may cause potential patient harm by participating in safety walk rounds and reporting errors. She not only reports her concerns, but also has recommendations to assist with the resolution. Cindy’s name is frequently mentioned in Press Ganey comments for her caring, compassion and clinical excellence that are evident to all. Her quiet tone and calm demeanor is soothing to anxious patients and families.

“Her nursing and physician colleagues further respect her for her pediatric clinical expertise. She is an exemplar for precepting new staff. She was singled out and chosen by one of her peers when asked who they would want to precept them to their new nursing role. She willingly takes on the most complicated cases, whether they be physically or emotionally challenging. For those cases that have many social concerns, she maintains her objectivity and has no difficulties with getting her points across. Cindy’s nursing and interpersonal skills are prime examples of what I hope to mold all new nurses into for success in the future of nursing

“Cindy’s excellence in customer service was evident with her going above and beyond while discharging a non-English speaking patient and family. Cindy had bonded with this young patient, who only spoke Spanish. She used translation phone apps to help her communicate with greater ease. Prior to discharge, Cindy walked over to the pharmacy herself to pick up the child’s prescriptions. She verified that the child’s medications were all correct and was assured that the child’s family understood the complexity of medications. She even took the time to walk the child and her family out to their car to make sure they were on their way safely. These little extra touches are a constant with Cindy and show how much she cares.”