Geri Flaherty

Nomination from Bernadette Murphy Bentley, Autism Resource Specialist, Center for Children with Special Needs:

“I have had the privilege of working with Geri Flaherty for the past seven years in the Center for Children with Special Needs as she has expertly led our department (and three others), while putting top-notch patient care first. Over the past several years, I have also watched in awe as she has exhibited the most exceptional kindness to a coworker that I have seen in my 25-year career.

“Two-and-a-half years ago, one of the CCSN's beloved Administrative Support Staff was diagnosed with a very serious medical condition. The daughter of immigrants who speak limited English, this young woman was understandably overwhelmed and terrified. Geri immediately stepped in to become the care coordinator for her and her family, meeting daily with medical providers, helping her through the long and difficult treatments, and providing comfort and hope in the most challenging of times to both this young lady and her parents. Geri always displayed optimism, encouragement, and unflagging devotion to our coworker.

About a year after our colleague was given this diagnosis, Geri became ill herself and went through treatment. She came back faster than anyone thought possible – leading the charge and caring for our coworker, our department, her other three departments and our patients. Thankfully, this story has a very happy ending -- Geri is doing well and so is our colleague, who recently got engaged! Based on her deep compassion and true dedication to the ideals of Tufts Medical Center, I proudly nominate Geraldine Flaherty for a Tufts MC True Blue Award. I am honored to know this wonderful woman, and Tufts MC is incredibly lucky to have her caring for its employees and patients.”