Jennifer Tourtellot

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Jennifer Tourtellot, Ophthalmic Photographer/Refractory Surgery Technician, Ophthalmology

Nomination from Katlyn Reilly, Ophthalmic Photographer, Ophthalmology:

“I started working at Tufts MC in March 2012 and, from day one, Jen has always been tremendously helpful. She took the time to go through PowerPoint presentations with me from doctors’ rounds, explaining what was being discussed and why it was important for me to be aware of it. She even took me into exam rooms and helped me learn how to prepare a patient for the doctor in case I ever needed to do so in one of our satellite offices.

“With Jen, there is never a pointless question. She’ll even answer the same question several times without batting an eyelash. She has drawn me diagrams in my quest to learn how to shoot very specific and tricky photography. She happily dilated one of her eyes so I could practice on her and go over it together. When I was thinking about getting certified, she not only encouraged me to do so, she also showed me examples of different pathologies I would need to image for the certification. When the manhunt for the Boston bomber was happening last April, Jen was the only one of our staff to make it to work that day. She served the patients who showed up for their appointments and left only after everyone had been seen and it was deemed safe to do so.

“When one of our satellite managers received new equipment in the past few weeks, Jen graciously made an informational three-page document with photographs for the satellite manager and her technicians. Sure, handwritten directions would have worked too, but the photographs were an extra bonus and very helpful for new users. Just yesterday she sent out another informative PowerPoint on a piece of equipment our department utilizes without being asked to do so.

I know I am supposed to give a specific story or two to support my nomination, but, you see, with Jen, she is like this all the time. She is True Blue every day!”