Jessie Matthew

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Jessie Matthew, Ambulatory Supervisor, Neurosurgery

Nomination from Marianne Tuohy, Nurse Practitioner, Neurosurgery

“Jessie is the glue that holds our department together. Previously Dr. Weller's administrative assistant, Jessie became the supervisor for the administrative staff in our office as well as the residency coordinator approximately one year ago. She is so wonderful; dedicated to the administrative staff, the physicians, residents, NPs and PAs in the office as well as the PA's in the hospital setting.

Because of her background, Jessie always pitches in to help the staff and the patients. If she walks through the office, you will hear ten people call her name. She will drop everything to help out with what is most important. If someone is out sick or on vacation, Jessie will review workloads and determine who can handle more and often will take on much of the work herself, booking surgeries, appointments, etc. She often stays late at work most nights to make sure the day is wrapped up and we are ready for a busy tomorrow. If you ask any of the physicians or staff they would all agree. We simply would not survive without her.

Recently, Jessie saw a patient of ours who came in for a pain medication script. Recovering from a recent surgery, he was still in pain and was having great difficulty walking. He had taken the MBTA to get here. Jessie understood this man’s pain and personally walked him to the pharmacy to help him fill his prescription, brought him a wheelchair and provided a taxi voucher for him to get home. The next day he sent her an edible arrangements fruit basket for all she did for him. She is always kind and thoughtful with our patients. I hope you will consider her for True Blue. She most certainly is True Blue in our eyes.”