Karen Clark

Nomination from Gastroenterology Nurse Practitioner Kathleen Coleman, NP:

“A little over 18 months ago, the Pharmacy department approached the Hepatology team to offer assistance in the prior authorization process and dispensing of medications for the viral hepatitis patients. This is often an involved, tedious process that had been difficult when also trying to run an active clinic. KC has been a skilled, energetic and truly helpful partner in moving this process forward. She has helped arrange patient teachings, called patients to make sure they have received their medications and understands when to call if they need further help. She has interfaced with other specialty pharmacies and insurance companies to get medications approved and co-pay assistance when needed. She has been able to turn requests around quickly and has helped ensure that patients are on track with a very difficult and cumbersome treatment regimen. She has made all of this easier with enthusiasm, compassion and commitment to teamwork. She is one of the best employees I have encountered since joining Tufts Medical Center.

“One example I remember was a Vietnamese-speaking patient who had run out of medications. The insurance provider was holding up the prior authorizations for reasons none of us could figure out. HCV triple therapy regimen is a very time-sensitive regimen and patients cannot miss doses or all therapy needs to be discontinued. KC spent an extraordinary amount of time tracking down the issue with the insurance provider. She worked against a very difficult deadline and language obstacles in order to get medications out to the patient. This has happened on more than one occasion and KC always comes through.”