Patricia Healey

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Patricia Healey, Certified Pharmacy Technician, South 8 Outpatient Pharmacy

Nomination from Luca Cattaneo, Assistant Director of Outpatient Pharmacy Services:

“Customer Service: Patricia is always one of the first people to show up for work and usually one of the last to leave. Procrastination is a foreign word to Patricia, and her dedication to her patients and coworkers shines through each and every day. She will not stop working until the last patient has received their medication, no matter how many obstacles have been placed in her way.

Participation: Whenever there is a new committee or council that needs a volunteer, I can always count on Patricia to be an eager and willing participant. Patricia is a member of both the Hospital Shared Governance Practice Council and the Department of Pharmacy Training and Development Council, which meets weekly to create better ways for pharmacy staff members to receive training and further enhance their pharmacy skills. Patricia is a highly active and contributing member of these councils because she truly wants to make our hospital a better place for both patients and employees.

A few weeks ago, Patricia stayed very late to help a patient fill a prescription that was required to start treatment on his illness immediately. The prescription needed to be filled through a specialty pharmacy and his insurance stated it would only fill it through mail-order. Patricia knew this was unacceptable for this patient and contacted his insurance company directly. She remained on hold for more than 30 minutes, was transferred three times to three different departments and was finally put through to someone that could help. The patient received his prescription the next day, but without Patricia’s assistance he would not have received his medication in a timely manner, thereby delaying his therapy. This type of interaction is a normal occurrence in the South 8 pharmacy, and Patricia is always willing to work to provide the highest level of care for every patient.”