Susan Meninger

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Susanne Meninger, Assistant Nurse Manager, Tufts Medical Center

Nomination from Cheryl Marland-Thomas, Pediatric IV Team Leader, Nursing, Tufts Medical Center

Excerpts from Ms. Marland-Thomas’ Nomination:

“Susanne and I have worked together for more years than I can remember. Our jobs can be very stressful and busy and sometimes very sad when the children are not doing well. We have worked closely with many chronically ill children, with multiple admissions, who need one nurse who knows them well. She has many inside jokes with the children and families and always lightens the mood. Susanne is amazing. She has a special way of making a child laugh. No one else comes close. Even on the worst days she finds a way to put a smile on the faces of staff, children and family members alike.

Susanne worked very hard on the PEWS program on Tufts Medical Center 7 Medical, which has changed the way nurses view children on the floor by monitoring pain level and acuity. It has effectively cut the number of emergency calls made to the floor in half. Children who need more critical care are recognized much earlier and brought to the PICU to prevent further deterioration. Without Susanne’s dedication during the trial of this program it would never have turned out so successful. I cannot imagine the Unit without her.

During the Boston Marathon crisis Susanne worked to make sure the children and families felt safe. She has a special touch and put together a beautiful slide show of all that happened during those days which was played on Nurse’s Day for all to see. There wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium. It is my pleasure and honor to nominate her.”