Beth Harubin

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Beth Harubin, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine OperationsBeth Harubin received the 2014 True Blue award. Director 

Nominations from Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Chair Barbarajean Magnani, PhD, MD and Director Jim Rogers:

Excerpts from Dr. Magnani’s nomination:

“Beth is by far the most giving, helpful and loyal employee of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Her job requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills that span interfacing with patients, staff, doctors and nurses. Beth troubleshoots all kinds of problems we face in the laboratory, from mislabeled specimens to critical value reporting. She helped standardize our quality assurance program throughout all sections of the laboratory. She has become an integral part of our See, Test and Treat program, doing the lion’s share of organization for that event. Beth is one of my most valuable employees in the department, and her positive energy and outgoing personality makes her a role model for other employees.

“Very early one morning we had an extremely difficult patient in the pediatric waiting room needing blood work prior to her procedure. She had no test requisition and did not know what needed to be done. After listening to her for a few minutes, I excused myself and went out to find Beth (who has a knack for dealing with all kinds of people). She returned, smiling, to get the patient a parking pass. Beth knew who to call to get the test requisition the patient needed, how to find what tests to perform in the laboratory and get the patient’s blood drawn, all in a very short period of time. She managed to calm the patient down and send her happily on her way. How she does this is a miracle. I'm so glad Beth is on my staff.”

Excerpts from Jim Rogers’ nomination:

“Beth Harubin has been with Tufts Medical Center since 1989. She has risen from a student-in-training to the Operation Director of the Pathology Laboratory. Beth easily makes connections with others throughout the Medical Center. Her ability to communicate allows the laboratory to collaborate with users and adjust services to meet the needs of our customers. Beth has taken on the role of Quality Assurance and Standards Compliance Leader among many other duties. She continually displays courage by stepping in and handling difficult situations to ensure that we are adhering to the Tufts MC’s mission.

“Beth developed a program of regular meetings with the Emergency Department to improve service and reduce turnaround time. Her ongoing meetings were extremely helpful when two of the point-of-care test systems in the ED were recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. Beth mobilized the lab staff to move the point-of-care testing to the laboratory test systems, improving the laboratory process and meeting the ED turnaround time needs. The ED was so pleased it has continued to send the testing to the lab, also significantly reducing cost. This is one of many scenarios where Beth has been faced with a challenge and has delivered.

“Additionally, she continues to improve herself through training and education. She earned a Six Sigma Green Belt and successfully completed the Emerging Leaders Program of the Center for Collaborative Leadership through the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts. We are so fortunate to have Beth here at Tufts Medical Center; she is an integral part of our operation and embodies our culture.”