Carl Hurley

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Copy Center Senior Equipment Operator Carl Hurley Carl Hurley received the 2014 True Blue award.

Nominations from Professional Development Managers Dorothy DiDomenico and Kate Ulep, Clinical Leader Tara Tobin and Director of Professional Development Diane Gillis and her entire team.

Excerpts from Dorothy DiDomenico’s nomination:

“If you have ever visited the Copy Center located on Proger 1 North, you have had the pleasure of meeting Carl. A long-time employee of Tufts Medical Center, Carl brightens your day with his charismatic personality and infectious smile. There is no job too big or too small for Carl. He always makes you feel like your request is important and his number one priority. His attention to detail and passion for his job is evident with each of his interactions. The work he does on a daily basis is critical.

“On one request, Carl quickly made 75 copies of 18 pages of updated emergency medication dosing sheets for our pediatric patients. With his help, the new sheets were in place within two hours. Carl is a crucial link in our safety chain.”

Excerpts from Tara Tobin’s and Kate Ulep’s nomination:

“The perfect word to describe Carl Hurley is kind. It is a treat for employees to go to the Copy Center because you know you will be greeted with Carl’s big smile. He is professional, friendly and extremely accommodating with requests. You cannot help walking away in a better mood than when you first arrived to see him. Aside from his positive attitude, he will deliver an order to the floor himself, assuring us that our needs, and more importantly, our patients’ needs, are his priority.”

Excerpts from Diane Gillis and the Professional Development Team’s nomination:

“Carl helps us project a polished professional image and, in turn, makes the Medical Center as a whole shine just a little bit brighter. Every day, behind the scenes, Carl works tirelessly. We often request materials that are complex, and for Carl, the answer always is, ‘No problem.’ His work is impeccable, and he’ll often make valuable suggestions as to how something can be done better. He is the ultimate team player, making sure that departments have the materials they need, when they need them. The end result of Carl’s efforts is that many people have the books, manuals and other information they need in order to provide the top-notch quality patient care that Tufts Medical Center is known for.”