Danielle DeSouza

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Danielle DeSouza, Clinical Care Technician, North 6Danielle DeSouza received the 2014 True Blue award.

Nomination from Clinical Nursing Director Diane Peterson, North 6:

“Danielle is an exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic professional. She is someone who is very caring and sensitive, which puts her patients and their families at ease.

“Danielle provides personalized care for her patients as soon as they arrive on North 6. From admission to discharge she takes the time to learn their preferences and with that knowledge she discovers how best to meet their needs. One example involves an elderly patient with worsening decompensating heart failure. Danielle would come into her room as soon as she finished report and start with her personal care needs because Danielle knew the patient liked to be washed and ready for the day. Danielle assisted with ordering meals and encouraged her to eat more while recording her calorie intake.

“Danielle is highly motivated and always puts the patients at the center of her work. Danielle sets high expectations for herself and delivers quality work. She is well-liked and a team player who is flexible in order to meet the needs of her patients and the unit. Danielle is willing to help in any situation and consistently completes all assigned tasks. She gives feedback regularly to the North 6 leadership staff and her opinion is valued as she shows great initiative to better her practice.

“Danielle had expressed interest in being part of the Wound Care Team to advance her practice and to represent North 6 where she is the first Clinical Care Technician (CCT) on this team. We are proud of her initiative to learn and support improving quality at Tufts MC. Danielle is a role model and an outstanding preceptor for new CCTs and supports and mentors them. She takes pride in her role as a preceptor and continuously provides feedback. Additionally, she participates in the Tufts MC Nursing Clinical Care Technician Counsel.

“As evidenced by her practice, commitment to patients and families, spirit of collaboration, dedication to continuing to develop professionally and embracing change, Danielle is an asset to the institution, but mostly to the patients and families on North 6 where we are lucky enough to work beside her.”