Marlon Moore

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Environmental and Patient Food Services Team: HousekeeperMarlon Moore received the 2014 True Blue award. Ana Debaros, PM Meal Passer Marlon Moore and Patient Food Supervisor Rashawn Skinner

Nomination from Patient Care Services Director Tricia Ide:

“The care team is often recognized for making significant contributions to a patient’s well-being, and this is to be expected. However, it is often the little things that patients and families note that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. A young boy recently lost his battle with a chronic illness. He was known and loved by many. As is the case with many of our long-term patients, our support staff interacts and forms meaningful relationships with patients, and the situation with this child was no different. The level of kindness, genuine friendship and uniqueness were recognized by the patient, his family and friends, as well as the staff. These three individuals went above and beyond their day-to-day duties to welcome, engage and comfort this young boy.

“The Unit Housekeeper Ana, Meal Passer Marlon, and Supervisor Rashawn became very involved with this young patient and were distraught at his death. He made them smile and laugh. They shared stories, cards and music and laughed at movies with him. They enriched this young boy’s life, and made his time at Tufts Medical Center more pleasant. We thank Ana, Marlon and Rashawn for the little things that made his time here so special.”