Pamela Mitchell

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: 30 Members of the Hematology Lab TeamPamela Mitchell received the 2014 True Blue award.

Nomination from Medical Technologist Alice Couto:

“On January 3, 2014 just before dawn, firefighters battled tirelessly in the frigid, stormy weather. In spite of their best efforts, within just a few hours, my husband, my daughter and I had lost our home. My coworkers were moved with great generosity, acts of kindness and words of support. I was speechless by it all. I will forever remember this chaotic time in my family’s life when my coworkers provided much healing and comfort.

“I had a hard time writing thank you notes to my coworkers because I was so overcome with emotion. Losing everything you have worked for in your life in just a few hours is a challenge.  My coworkers have played a part in getting my family and me through this difficult time and I will never forget that. Their acts of selflessness have forever been imprinted upon my heart. I have worked here for more than 25 years and I now have an even deeper appreciation of my lab family.”