Marianne Tuohy

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Marianne Tuohy, NP, Department of Neurosurgery NurseMarianne Tuohy received the 2014 True Blue award. Practitioner

Nominations from Practice Coordinator Sushruta Kunnenkeri and Practice Manager Jessie Mathew:

Excerpts from Sushruta Kunnenkeri’s nomination:

“Marianne is not only the true epitome of a compassionate employee at Tufts Medical Center, she also embodies a deep empathy for everyone she meets and interacts with on a daily basis. As a Nurse Practitioner for the Department of Neurosurgery for the last seven years, Marianne has established a longstanding trust and bond with the doctors and staff she works with, and all of her patients. Her warm smile and laugh are contagious and her natural energy is inspiring to everyone around her. She does everything in her capacity to help anyone, whether they are patients, staff, or doctors, with anything she can to make the day a little more efficient and pleasant.

“On one occasion, there was a patient who had a complicated insurance matter and needed help reviewing her case so she could get an MRI the next day. Marianne came in an hour before anyone else arrived in order to call the insurance company, process the patient’s MRI and get it approved. The patient, who was anxious from waiting in pain for weeks to get this crucial MRI cleared, ended up finding out she needed surgery. She was so thankful to Marianne.”

Excerpts from Jessie Mathew’s nomination:

“Not a month goes by that Marianne is not mentioned by name in our Department’s [patient satisfaction] comments section. Some of the comments received include, ‘Marianne is excellent. Very knowledgeable, kind, listens and responds.’ In another comment, ‘Marianne is an angel on earth. She goes above and beyond, treating every patient as though they were her own family member. She always puts the patient’s needs first. Her commitment and warm demeanor are appreciated by not only the patients she encounters, but by the physicians and entire office staff. She truly exemplifies the motto, ‘every patient, every time’. We are so lucky to have her as part of the Neurosurgery Team. She is what every employee at Tufts MC should strive to be.”