Renée Cordeiro

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Operating Room Nurse Renée CordeiroRenee Cordeiro received the 2014 True Blue award.

Nominations from Division Chief of Cardiac Anesthesia Frederick Cobey, MD; Anesthesiologist Stefan Ianchulev, MD; and Cardiac Surgeon Duc Thin Pham, MD:

Excerpts from Dr. Cobey’s nomination:

“Renée Cordeiro exudes the ‘how can I help you’ spirit, day and night. Teamwork is essential to ensure the best care of patients in the cardiac operating rooms, and Renée goes out of her way to find new ways to help. Her attitude of helping and teamwork is one which we should all strive for; she is inspirational.

“Renée assures that patients receive 100 percent from her when they are in her care. She routinely helps transport patients with anesthesia into the OR and ensures sterile technique while assisting with complicated central line placements. She pays attention to details, such as a patient’s temperature, and has been eager to embrace new technologies that affect patient care. There is a lot to be said for how attitude is contagious; her presence really changes the overall tone of the OR.”

Excerpts from Dr. Ianchulev’s nomination:

“Renée is a great team player. One of her strengths is that she is a “no fret” person, focused on getting the job done right. She views everyone involved in the care of patients as part of a big strong team and is committed to excellence in her own work.

“Often we face challenges in preparing patients for heart surgery. Renée finds ways to help us move faster and prepare sterile trays. It is a real pleasure working with her.”

Excerpts from Dr. Pham’s nomination:

“Renée is the type of colleague who puts your mind at ease whenever you see her in your OR - no matter how difficult a case may be. She is there in spades when you need her most.

“In cardiac surgery, we often have late and difficult cases. She is always the first to volunteer to stay late, take extra calls or do whatever it takes to help get the case done.”