Salone Callender

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Salone Callender, Unit Coordinator in the Surgical IntensiveSalone Callender received the 2014 True Blue award. Care Unit (SICU)

Nomination from SICU Nurse Florence Holmes, RN:

“Salone is a wonderful addition to the SICU staff. She is always professional, efficient, pleasant, and goes above and beyond to ensure all staff have every available tool to make the shift progress smoothly. Salone manages with ease and proficiency, and takes notice of details that often go unnoticed in a busy work environment.

“It’s difficult to choose one or two situations that explain Salone’s excellence. On any given day, there are numerous ‘little acts of kindness’ that make her stand out. On one particular day, we had a 20-year-old patient admitted to SICU in critical condition and it was likely he would not survive. Salone noticed the worry and fear in the family’s eyes. She realized the staff nurses caring for the young man were unable to stand with the family. Salone ordered a small tray of cookies and gave them drinks so the family was able to stay very close to the unit. She also sat nearby with them to provide comfort for almost an entire shift. The family is forever grateful. The patient pulled through and later went to rehab. This is one example of how Salone not only achieves excellence in her day-to-day work, but how she enhances cohesiveness among staff.”