Sue Ann Ponte

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Sue Ann Ponte, Nurse Practitioner and Director of AsianSue Ann Ponte received the 2014 True Blue award. Clinical Services in Pediatric and Adolescent Health

Nomination from Chief of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Lynne Karlson, MD and Practice Manager Kristy Rossignol:

“Sue has worked here for 20 years and is probably best known and loved for her tireless work in the Pediatric Asian Clinic, which some lovingly refer to as the ‘Ponte Clinic.’ She has demonstrated that she’s not only dedicated to the hospital, but to every one of her patients. She goes above and beyond every day to deliver exceptional patient care. Her patients adore her and are willing to wait as long as needed to see her. She will see patients anytime and never turns anyone away.

“Sue is not only dedicated to her patients, but to the community, running both tutoring and community outreach programs. On any given Saturday you will see Sue at the hospital where she will see approximately 30 patients while running a tutoring program with 50 children. Additionally, she always puts in the time to ensure she keeps up with her charts.”