Beth Wolfe

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Beth Wolfe, Injury Prevention Coordinator, Division of Trauma andBeth Wolfe is a 2015 True Blue recipient. Acute Care Surgery 

Nomination from Allison Hurley, Manager, Public Affairs and Communication:

“Beth goes out of her way to make people feel appreciated. She consistently thanks the people she works with for helping her and always finds a way to recognize others in a thoughtful way. A funny example is that she was so grateful for someone making web edits quickly to the Trauma Surgery website that she bought them a Harry Potter wand to thank the person for ‘magically making things happen.’

“In her role as Injury Prevention Coordinator, Beth has done a fantastic job of not only setting up valuable community programs but also in spreading the word about Tufts MC. From bringing a Tufts Medical Center sign to Good Morning America in New York City, to hunting down Weather Channel anchors during the snowstorm, to actively sharing photos of our community work on social media, Beth goes above and beyond to be a true ambassador of Tufts Medical Center in the community. She really loves this place and deserves to be shown the appreciation that she shows for so many of us.”