Chris South

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Chris South, Manager for Strategic Analysis and Planning,Chris South is a 2015 True Blue recipient. Strategic Planning and Business Development 

Nominations from Deborah Joelson, Senior Vice President of Strategic Services and Tufts MC Physicians Organization Vice President for Operations Matthew Larkin 

Excerpts from Deborah Joelson’s nomination:

“Chris has a unique ability to encourage people to think about an issue from a different perspective or consider an alternative solution without seeming pushy. You know that Chris is always focused on doing something the optimal way–his motivations are never in question. This makes people implicitly trust him and his work. With the departure of his VP, Chris has really stepped up to ensure the work in strategic planning and business development continues.” 

Excerpts from Matt Larkin’s nomination:

“You will never hear Chris complain about his workload and he will be the first to raise his hand to jump in to a project that might not be exactly in his responsibility. Chris is a pleasure to work with on projects and is the consummate professional. He will work tirelessly to get business plans developed and appropriately ask the right questions to get more detail, all along, gaining the respect of his colleagues around him.”