Doreen Hayward

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Doreen Hayward, Executive Assistant to Terry Hudson-Jinks, ChiefDoreen Hayward is a 2015 True Blue recipient. Nursing Officer, Patient Care Services

Nomination from Terry Hudson-Jinks, RN, MSN, CNO and Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services:

“Every day, regardless of the task or goal at hand, Doreen is focused on helping each patient, family and any member of our Tufts MC community. Doreen knows no boundaries when it comes to offering assistance to our patients and families. She openly and authentically helps patients and families build trust in their care team members. Doreen can be seen hailing a cab, lifting suitcases and belongings curbside, pushing two wheelchairs at a time, walking from any clinical area to the garage–and back–to ensure patients and their family members find each other. Doreen considers it her job to get patients to fall in love with getting their care here so they come back to Tufts MC.

“One day, Doreen met a distressed family searching for their daughter. After dropping her at the door, they had gone to park the car and had no idea how to find her. When Doreen asked if they were driving home later or if they were staying nearby; the parents became tearful because they had no idea where to stay, as it was their first time in the city. Sensing their overwhelmed state, Doreen united the parents with their daughter in the clinic and told them she would be back. She returned to her office, searched Boston hotels, found the best rates, called several hotels to ensure they had capacity and found ones with free parking and shuttles to the hospital. Doreen printed all the options, highlighting the best ones. She found the unit the patient had been admitted to and went back to find the family. When the family saw her with the information in hand, they said, ‘This week has been absolutely terrible until we found you. We never thought we would be treated with such kindness in a Boston hospital. You are exceptional!’ Doreen responded, ‘This is Tufts Medical Center, we are different; everyone will do whatever they can to help you. It’s all about you!’

“Doreen gives 100% to everything and everyone, is always kind and brings out the best in everyone she meets. She is ‘on’ every day! Doreen is also always thinking how to improve the Medical Center, constantly offering ideas and suggestions.”