Edna Joyner

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Edna Joyner, Unit Coordinator, Neely Neuroscience ICU Edna Joyner, Unit Coordinator, Neely Neuroscience ICU, is a 2015 True Blue recipient.

Nomination from Janice McLaughlin, Professional Development Manager, Neely Neuroscience ICU:

“Whether it’s paging the right people to help resolve an immediate crisis or supporting a grieving family member, Edna is always available to anyone who needs her. During the snowstorms this year, Room 7 in the Neely Intermediate Care Unit became ‘Edna’s Room.’ Edna slept on the very unit where she works every day.

“We had a Spanish-speaking patient who could become confused, then try to get out of bed. One night when Edna was ‘sleeping over,’ this patient this happened very early in the morning. One of the nurses woke Edna and she immediately agreed to speak with the patient in Spanish, helping to reorient and calm this patient. Edna slept over twice that week due to the weather. She didn’t do it for convenience; Edna knew patients and staff would be without a unit coordinator if she didn’t come to work. She innately knew the patients and staff needed her help and she was so right!

“Edna is truly dedicated to the patients, the staff and the Neely Neuroscience unit. Her passion for doing the right thing all the time is enviable. Edna always puts the patients and the unit first.”