Elizabeth Lanzaro

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Elizabeth Lanzaro, Director, Hospitality Elizabeth Lanzaro is a 2015 True Blue recipient.

Nomination from Paula DiBiase, Manager, Human Resources/Aramark Hospitality:

“When Elizabeth Lanzaro walked through the doors of Tufts Medical Center one year ago, she had a vision to make Tufts MC the cleanest hospital in Boston. She had quite the task ahead of her. The first area of concentration was the Emergency Department. Her team spent endless hours stripping, burnishing and waxing the floors. The ED now shines.

“Elizabeth knew if she wanted to realize her vision, she needed her team of 125+ staff members to share in it. She began to transform her department from a group of people here just to do a job into a team of passionate housekeepers on a mission. Elizabeth’s ability to inspire her staff is amazing to watch. She has created an environment that makes Tufts MC housekeepers want to be the very best at what they do. She has also made them realize how truly important their role is at Tufts MC.

Elizabeth continually recognizes members of her team for a job well done, which aids in their motivation. The results have been phenomenal. Customer satisfaction has increased tremendously and our HCAHPS scores truly reflect her vision. Elizabeth has achieved many wins throughout the hospital. It’s hard not to notice how much cleaner the Medical Center is, how shiny our floors are and to see the pride the Environmental Services Department staff has in their department.

“Elizabeth also has responsibility for Transportation, another area she transformed. In the past, wait times didn’t meet expectations and patients often waited for an extended time for wheelchairs and stretchers. Elizabeth has managed to reduce wait times for wheelchairs to 10 minutes or less. Anyone who knows Elizabeth can attest her motto is, ‘We are here for the patients and patients should never wait.’ There is no doubt Tufts MC is well on its way to being the cleanest hospital in Boston thanks to the hard work, dedication and passion of Elizabeth Lanzaro. The entire Environmental Services Department now shares her vision.”