Janet Chou

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Janet Chou, Supervisor, Customer Service Department for PatientJanet Chou, Supervisor, Customer Service Department for Patient Financial Services, is a 2015 True Blue recipient. Financial Services 

Nominations from Wendy Leong-Lum, Associate Director, Patient Financial Services and Stephanie Tirella, Billing Specialist, Patient Financial Services

Excerpts from Wendy Leong-Lum’s nomination:

“Janet consistently delivers an outstanding level of customer service to our internal and external customers. She’s an excellent communicator and a great role model. Janet handles the most difficult patients and escalated billing cases over the phone and in person with ease, and somehow manages to have irate patients calm and happily settling their outstanding balances with us by the end of the conversation.

“I often receive feedback from colleagues and patients telling me what a true gem Janet is, and how we couldn't have a better person handling patient disputes and leading our Customer Service team. Regardless of the situation, Janet always projects great energy, a positive outlook and demonstrates so much pride in delivering excellent customer service.”

Excerpts from Stephanie Tirella’s nomination:

“I nominate Janet because of her consistent positive attitude, motivational leadership, process improvements, her kindness to patients and teamwork approach. Janet always positively accepts an assigned task. I believe she views each task as an opportunity to improve the patient experience and organization. Janet's active listening skills, respectfulness and promised follow-up are what set her apart. As supervisor, she empowers her team and helps with professional and personal development. Her work ethic and attitude make her a role model.

“On one occasion, a patient came in with nine years of bills and billing questions. Janet greeted him with a smile (as she greets all) and asked how she could help him. Janet worked very patiently with him. The key word is ‘with,’ as she listened first. Janet organized his bills and simplified his life. Her approach showed respectfulness to the patient; she was kind and had a pleasant tone. The patient was put at ease and walked away feeling great.”

Janet is also the recipient of our annual Mary Jo Brown Customer Service Award, given to the Tufts MC True Blue recipient who exemplifies our long-time Admissions Director’s commitment to and enthusiasm for customer service. Congratulations, Janet!