Lauren Seafert

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Lauren Seafert, Pediatric Audiologist, Audiology Lauren Seafert is a 2015 True Blue recipient.

Nomination from Audiology Assistant Emily Skibo:

“One of Lauren’s best traits is how patient she is with children. Once, a family came to the Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat clinic with their child who had many issues; no other audiologist in the area had been able to get a reliable hearing test. The child had trouble communicating and was easily frustrated. As soon as the hearing test began, the patient began crying. However, after several minutes, Lauren was able to determine when this child was responding to a sound by reading even subtle shifts in body signals. It took about an hour to get the patient tested, but the family was so grateful Lauren had taken the time to get a reliable report of how well their child could actually hear.

“Another patient came to Tufts MC after going to several other hospitals in the Boston area. After Lauren and the team met with the family, Lauren hit the ground running and helped get the child new equipment, therapy options and more. Lauren worked with the child’s parent to help the child because she cares so much about ensuring the best care for her patients. The patient is doing the best ever in school and the parent was very impressed with all Lauren did.

“Working with Lauren inspires me every day to find new projects to accomplish work because of how strong her work ethic is.”