Snow Removal Team

Tufts MC True Blue Recipients: Snow Removal Team—Dan Barrett, Carpenter; Dennis DiNocco,The Snow Removal Team is a 2015 True Blue recipient. HVAC Supervisor; Mike Kelliher, Carpenter; Vinnie MacPherson, Environmental Aid; Peter Naughton, Painter; Rob Petrillo, Carpenter; Mark Robinson, Carpenter/Painter Supervisor; Kara Waldron Administrative Assistant; and James Yeo, HVAC. 

Nominations from Ed Pitts, Director of Facilities and Rob Osgood, Emergency Management Director:

Excerpt from Ed Pitts’ nomination:

“Record snowfall totals combined with record cold temperatures and wind-chill factors were no match for the perseverance and dedicated effort displayed by the team. Nights, weekends, day after day after day of snow kept pummeling us, and the team kept lifting it up and pushing it back. Professional snow removal teams withered in the face of the mounting, blowing and drifting snow but our team never wavered. Sidewalks throughout the city got more treacherous and narrower with every storm, ours did not.” 

Excerpt from Rob Osgood’s nomination:

“I have had the pleasure of working winters with the Tufts MC Snow Removal Team for half a decade now, and their level of service is second-to-none. It truly doesn’t matter if it’s two in the afternoon or two in the morning, they’re out there. This is a group that works around the clock, sleeping on floors and on workbenches, to ensure our campus is safe for our patients. In blizzard conditions, they operate machines and shovel to make sure our roads are clear for ambulances, and even hold patients’ hands from the curb to the entrance of the emergency department to ensure they get there safely.”