J. Phillip Argyris

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: J. Phillip Argyris, Software Development Manager, InformationSoftware Development Manager in Information Services J. Phillip Argyris is a 2016 Tufts Medical Center True Blue recipient. Services

Nomination from Nancy Gittelson, Executive Director, Information Services:

"Whether working on a major project, a small enhancement or a tough support issue, Phill always brings to bear his many skills: intellectual curiosity, analytical prowess, technical know-how, professionalism, enthusiasm for customer service and broad knowledge of the Medical Center and its systems.

"His generosity within our team is legendary: day or night, weekday or weekend, Phill is always willing to pitch in and help his colleagues with whatever problem they are trying to solve.

"Phill is endlessly innovative, finding IT solutions for vexing problems that would otherwise have prevented the clinical vision from being realized. He leads by example, being deeply committed to projects. His respect for other members of the team allows them to bring forth new ideas and develop them. His obvious joy in moving a project along is very infectious."

From Lisa Reed, Senior Director of Healthcare Information Services, NEQCA, as part of Phill’s nomination:

"Phill provides excellent customer service to our group in support of our clinical and quality programs. Phill worked with myself, as well as gathered information from the clinical team, to develop a new process where the information needed is now available to the care management team on a daily basis. This project will directly impact the nurses, providing better care to their patients."