Michaud Bates

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Michaud Bates, Unit Coordinator, Pediatrics-Tufts Medical Center 7Unit Coordinator, Pediatrics-Tufts Medical Center 7, Michaud Bates is a 2016 Tufts Medical Center True Blue recipient.

Nomination from Maria Lombardi, Clinical Nursing Director, Pediatrics:

“As the Unit Coordinator, Michaud’s friendly greeting toward everyone who comes onto the unit immediately makes them feel welcomed. Michaud exemplifies the face of customer service with his smile and willingness to help. He is often found helping those who are lost and assuring that they get to where they need to be.

“Parents of patients often know him by name as he portrays kindness and compassion to those who are stressed over their child’s hospitalization. Michaud made our unit his own shortly after starting by adding his personal touches such as decorating the door signs with colorful markers and stickers to look more welcoming for the kids. He is always looking for ways to make the unit run more smoothly, offering suggestions and ideas.

“If he sees a parent struggling with their belongings during discharge, he will automatically help escort them to their car. In the short time that Michaud has been with us, he has made a positive impact with his peers, the patients and their families.”