Miloudi Laanibi

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Miloudi Laanibi, Housekeeping, Radiology, Hospitality Department

Nomination from Neil Halin, Chief, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology:Housekeeping, Radiology, Miloudi Laanibi is a 2016 Tufts Medical Center True Blue recipient.

“Miloudi is a ‘yes’ man. I have never heard him say anything other than 'yes' to any request and have consistently seen him go above and beyond the norm. In addition to his regular responsibilities, he has on several occasions brought to my attention his observations about how to bring the cleanliness of our area up to his high standards. In every instance, he had already either fixed the problem or was implementing a solution.

“Miloudi cares about how the hospital looks. He arranged his schedule to do a deep cleaning on weekends, to make sure all rooms were cleaned to his satisfaction. That did not come from management, it came from him. He is proud of how he does his job.

“On top of it all, Miloudi gets along with everybody. When he went on leave to get married, everyone would come to work and ask when he was coming back—the place was not the same. He is absolutely True Blue.”