Cathy McCue, RN, BSN

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Cathy McCue, RN, BSN, Interim Clinical Nursing Director, Pratt 2

Nomination from Mary Beth Williams, MN, RN, Nursing Executive Director:

“Cathy embodies the concept of community in everything she does every day, no exceptions. She carries the ASAP beeper 24 hours a day. This is a program to support staff in real time after they have experienced a verbal or physical assault while at work. The program is designed to focus on the ED and Pratt 2, but Cathy makes herself available to staff in any area, for any reason.

“She is the go-to person for staff in need; always with an exceptional level of compassion and expertise on how to help someone navigate a challenging experience. Cathy also always remains positive while advocating for challenging patient needs.

“I cannot say enough about the strength of humanity she brings to her work here at Tufts MC.”

Congratulations, Cathy!