Cyril Allison

Cyril AllisonTufts MC True Blue Recipient: Cyril Allison, Safety Officer I, Public Safety

Nomination from Colleen Loiselle, Executive Assistant, Primary Care:

“I see him always smiling, saying hello and putting his best foot forward, day after day, with everyone he meets. He asks to help in any way he can and always has people leaving his desk better than when they arrived; this is due solely to his high-quality professionalism, love for people, love for Tufts MC and, simply, love for his work.

“His kindness to others, which I have personally witnessed, is unreachable from what I can see. He has shown how dedicated he is to Tufts MC and all who enter here for treatment. His compassion and smile have no end.

“Cyril is a great example of how each and every employee should be conducting themselves on a daily basis: always being the professional and loving face of care here at Tufts Medical Center.”

Congratulations, Cyril!